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08-Jul-2019 13:56

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And that’s something that you should hold onto and kind of let guide you.

Many LGBT people in Indian metros and towns depend on the internet to find support groups, social lists, and partners for dating, relationships or sex.

It is important to bear in mind that most of these problems will not occur in a world where people do not have to fear social ostracism and persecution for being queer.

Therefore, our true work is towards making a world where there is no such fear for the extortionists to feed on.

But later on my daughter got obsessed with it and would wake up at 3 am to log on and chat with a boy living oversees.

When my wife and I figured out what she was doing and asked her about it, she told us she was in love with him and that he was the only person who could really understand her...

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Thirdly, each community governs itself and the creator of the app has no involvement in that whatsoever(they can't revoke an Amino because they failed to enforce their rules no matter how many times you bitch about it).

Ok, after reading through all those comments, parents need to get educated.