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TKO: Mike Tyson slapped a 0 million lawsuit on Don King Thursday, alleging the promoter bilked the boxer out of millions of dollars over the past decade-plus. RAGING BULL: Robert De Niro has sued the French judge who hauled him in for questioning last month in a prostitution-ring case.FOSTER MOM: Jodie Foster is pregnant, the Oscar-winner confirms to gossip maven Liz Smith. A "witch hunt," the angry actor calls the judge's probe.1 spot from Oprah Winfrey, for the week ended February 22--Oprah's first ratings defeat in more than a decade. ORAL EXAM: Madonna's giving White House Sex scandal player Monica Lewinsky advice: "Shut up and get a life." These pearls from an interview in Elle magazine. FOR THE RECORD: Pamela Lee says she and estranged hubby Tommy Lee haven't seen a penny from sales of the couple's infamous sex tape--the bestselling adult video ever. The Ann-Margret drama, heavily hyped during the Olympics, lasted only two episodes. Sitcoms The Gregory Hines Show and Step by Step have been benched--effective now. CRASH COURSE: French investigators have agreed to meet with chief Princess Diana conspiracy theorist, Mohamed Al Fayed.TAKE THAT: Garry Shandling filed a 0 million lawsuit against his ex-manager; now the ex-manager's filed one against Garry--a million number charging breach of contract. ABC's reportedly considering melding 20/20 and Prime Time Live into one newsmag format, a la NBC's Dateline. They'll also confab again with Di's suddenly lucid bodyguard.

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As for the rest, we took a motorbike and 'rempit' to the nearest town and went *ding-dong. We did had a lot of fun and it was still romantic nonetheless (even though not our kind of 'romantic) but we made it up to ourselves on our first anniversary. The place is romantic, quiet, peaceful and absolutely cozy.

The amount of time spent on the beach itself was only..hour?

We held a small reception at a huge hall with timber flooring and pine trees surrounding it. The only time we headed to the beach was on our honeymoon.

We became such dear friends, and eventually, as could be expected, one of us developed feelings for the other. My brain is very good at manipulating my heart, telling it “no, no, you really about this person and their well-being, and they care about you.” Only to come to find, that they did not.

He confided in me all the things that were on his heart, and I, in turn, shared mine with him. You fall so casually and into a love that you were not made for! And I’ll tell you, I convinced myself that that was not the case.

It was when we had our goodnight tea at the lounge that Da-da had this thought of making it an annual thing. And we wanted to book the Guenevere Suite with jacuzzi when we have kids. So, here's a toast and a rub to the bump, for a 730 days of our togetherness.

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