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11-Apr-2019 13:53

If you have ambitions of a romantic relationship with a colleague then you need (a) to be very confident they feel the same way and (b) find a way to cultivate it outside the office.Sensitivities vary greatly between individual’s and one person’s flattering compliment by the photocopier is another’s lewd come-on.Workplace relationships provide an immediate test of endurance: you probably already spend a lot of time together and will do for the forseeable future, so what’s the rush?A lot of people are passionate about their jobs and it can be easy to mistake professional exuberance on a shared project for something more personal.There are few things more irritating in the workplace than an newly smitten couple who spend their day mooning across the desks while giggling at in-jokey Whats Apps.While at work, keep it entirely professional, respect your colleagues and save your expressions of devotion for later.And like friends dating, you already know you’ve got masses in common.

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There’s also the danger of falling for the office serial dater. Look out for dagger-filled glares from previous conquests.

At best, a fizzled-out fling will be a mild source of irritation at work.

But if hopes were high and emotions were strong it could be a harrowing experience.

Despite these warnings, there are circumstances where an office romance can lead to unbreakable bonds.

Everybody knows someone who met their spouse at work.

New love is distracting enough without the object of your affection being right in front of your eyes all day long.

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