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25-Apr-2019 10:36

There is a convoluted method of stopping services, deleting files and restarting everything that will fix the problem.However that is a pain, as when I’ve fired up Media Center it’s because I want to watch a film, or listen to some tunes, not start manually messing about with services and deleting cached copies of stuff.The main dashboard displays all the video files found on your device. To choose what is shown in the media library: and browse through the folders. First, uncheck the root folder like “Internal memory”. And you just want to remove them from the first screen of the app.You can use VLC to browse files using the inbuilt file manager.It is accessible through the Hamburger Menu Directories option. Use the options button (three dots on the right) to Play or Delete files from that particular folder or just that file.Local Group Policy is there for configuration and management of various permissions within a system.Now, there are some protective permission settings with the main purpose to prevent unauthorized streaming.

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After we copy or download new audio or video files to our phone’s SD card or external memory, most of the android devices media players can’t update the media library in real time. It takes a few minutes, it’s time depend on the device, firmware, ROM performances. Rescan media root, is one of the reliable apps to update your SD card or external memory media files on demand.The option to turn off and on the auto re-scan which scans for new media every time is also there.