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At the same time, Kara becomes friendly with Lillian's stepdaughter Lena Luthor, the new CEO of Luthor Corp, and struggles with romantic feelings for recent Earth arrival Mon-El, a survivor and prince from Krypton's neighboring planet Daxam.

James becomes the masked streetfighting vigilante Guardian; Alex begins dating Maggie Sawyer; and J'onn befriends a younger Martian, M'gann, from the White Martian race that killed his people. Television was looking to create a television series centered around Supergirl.

Though the planet has not been destroyed, it is dangerously low in resources. Reptilon is a world ranging in climate from volcanic expanses to near paradise like tropics. [2] The planet has few oceans and appears to be a massive landmass.[1] Reptilonian culture is at times difficult to pin down as Teryx tries to understand Earth culture and comes up with some similarities that do not always end up accurate nor does she at times fully understand English words.