Who was whitney houston currently dating

05-May-2019 05:28

Garland-Houston verifies that he was molested by a woman.

After this revelation the documentary shows black-and-white television footage of Dee Dee singing, looking straight into the camera.

She was powdered in pink eyeshadow, touted as the happy child of happy parents, and trained to smile wide onscreen. It is straightforward about her drug abuse, and about the control exerted over her by her family and production team.

Cissy Houston reminds her daughter that she has a gift from God that Abdul will never have, and the young woman snuggles into her mom’s arms. Her brothers recall that they and Houston did drugs starting around the age of 10.

In the unauthorized documentary, Oprah Winfrey speaks to Houston’s mother, Cissy, herself a famous and accomplished singer. The new film, by Kevin Macdonald (The Last King of Scotland), is the estate’s implicit riposte to the first.

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Only six years after Whitney left this world, her legacy is already trapped in the same reputation tennis that she dealt with in life, and her family are still speaking for her.

Brown recently told People that “if Robyn was accepted into Whitney’s life, Whitney would still be alive today.” (He skims over the fact that Crawford left Houston after giving her a “him or me” ultimatum in 2000.)In a 1997 interview on NBC, Houston denied being in a relationship with Crawford.

When Katie Couric probed her for details, Houston wasn’t forthcoming.

She was maid of honor at Houston’s 1994 wedding to Bobby Brown.

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Brown has admitted that he “knew” that the two women were together, though it’s unclear when and how friendship became romance and vice versa.

Crawford’s sexual orientation is only addressed as a way of separating her from Houston.

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