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Dante Nero tells the story of how he had to defend himself sexually against another man with knife.Jay describes to Dan the proper way to show your package in underwear.After his plans with Hayden are foiled by Mick killing her, Justin attacks and bites Claire in broad daylight to take Hayden's place.That night, he attacks Claire and Mick, knocking Mick unconscious and kidnapping Claire.As Claire changes into a werewolf, the Winchesters and Mick arrive, having tracked Justin through a tracking device Mick put in Claire's pocket.As Dean tries to restrain Claire, Mick and Sam attack Justin, with Mick jabbing a syringe into his back in order to get his live blood so they can cure Claire.In Ladies Drink Free, after Hayden leaves the bar where he works at, a disguised Justin attacks and bites her.

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Big Jay explains why Bon Jovi is much better than Bruce Springsteen & Shane Gillis joins Dan and Jay in discussing who the real bullies are in some very famous movies.

Twenty pack members were killed and the rest scattered for their own safety.

Needing a pack due to his instincts, Justin became desperate for companionship and started dating Hayden Foster who he intended to make his mate.

At one time, Justin was part of a pack of werewolves consisting of over twenty members that were peaceful and left humans alone.

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However, after the British Men of Letters came to America, they attacked his pack using sulphate gas.Jay recounts the time Dave Attell and David Spade were in the audience for a performance of Ha! Dan Soder talks about his former high school crushes that wouldn’t sleep with him.