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"Through Sarah and her friend Adam Shankman, I learned about the Trevor Project and the incredible work they are doing.It's really nice there's a place like this for kids, teenagers, and young adults to call and feel supported."After all, it's about that thing called love." The Michael Costello-clad funny lady joked that "if I'm not going to wear this dress tonight, when the hell am I going to wear it?") was also in attendance and walked the red carpet with costar Sarah Michelle Gellar.

What do you want to see happen on *Glee'*s 100th episode?

For Blake Jenner (Ryder) and Melissa Benoist (Marley), it was really the first time the couple opened up about their life together and recent engagement. Not so fast, says Blake: "Whatever the writers want is the best.

"We just have loads of fun together," Blake shared. I'm just glad I get to be with her on the same show.

Jacob Artist Education: Jacob is a graduate of Williamsville South High School.

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He attended Juilliard School to learn how to dance but dropped out to follow his dreams of becoming an actor.Jake is very composed, has his guard up, and is a bit damaged. I think they both kind of have that goofy sense of humor.