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28-May-2019 06:40

Though the two had very little in common in the beginning, they soon found their common ground in mischief, plotting, and revenge.

From there, their attraction grew and soon became a significant focus of the storyline.

However, the one thing that brought Chuck and Blair together was their mutual love for manipulation.

The foundation of their relationship together began with their interest in playing mind games and getting their way.

As much as people lived for this couple and even strived to be as great as them, some fans simply cannot look past the very toxic reality of their relationship.

Not only were they manipulative of each other, but also physically and emotionally abusive throughout the show.

Let’s see if they are still “goals” after these 20 Things That Make No Sense About Blair nd Chuck’s Relationship.

Yes, although he tried to convince her to pursue her career as his girlfriend at first, he realized that they would find their way back, so if she needed this to thrive, he would fully back her on it.