When can you start dating after separation

01-Jun-2019 14:33

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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Love like tomorrow will never come.I don't think there's any hard and fast rule on this.I've only scratched the surface as to what makes up the massive ball of confusion I know as myself. As I posted, a void is left in the person's life when the other leaves.Until I can get some insight as to how or why I get involved in certain relationships, I will definitely be avoiding anything more than "friends" with the opposite sex. Nature abhors a vacuum, & it's a natural tendancy to want to fill it immeidately. When my ex-w was in the process of moving out, I had called around looking for a divorce support group.I did see and talk to other people before I met her, though.I think dating is fine, but not allowing too much attachment within that early period should be the rule.

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Be careful not to allow loneliness or other emotions to cause you to make a bad decision. One, we pretty much were over for about 8 months prior to separating, even though we had both tried counseling and doing different approaches, all to no avail.

So were going to do something together for a few days. I think it's really great that you are still friends especially since you have children. Sounds like you're handling things in a very mature and reasonable manner. Just be good to yourself, see your kids, be civil to your wife and you'll be fine. I met my now husband a couple of weeks after I separated, although we were only friends for a while. I'm not aware of any "rule," it's what feels right for the person. I actually wouldn't consider dating or attempting another relationship. I think it would be wiser to be alone have some personal growth happen than to jump back into dating and potential relationships and start it all again. I can't speak for anyone else, as everyone is different.

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