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11-Mar-2019 15:56

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Many years ago I couldn’t wait to experience my honeymoon.

The day when I could finally know my husband on a sexual level.

Of course all of my sexual/health-related issues made me feel like I wanted to slap someone, or better yet, kill someone, but that’s not something the Lord would’ve been too pleased with.

🙂If you’re dealing with physical problems then be diligent to seek out medical guidance so your body can be fixed or somewhat restored.

Through His redemptive blood He’ll heal you of your wounds.17. When my babies entered into the world, let’s just say that natural childbirth jacked up my female body parts and made something that was once so physically pleasurable, now something excruciatingly painful. Naps were scheduled into my daily routine because I couldn’t function without them.

“What the heck just happened and how do I fix it,” were my thoughts on my new found problem.18. If this way of life describes you, then plan for naps and simplify your schedule.

However, avoiding sex altogether is not a solution to your problems either. So you might need to get sexually creative on this one.Outside of the man taking a shower and brushing his teeth, there are no quick fixes to the other issues.Lot’s of prayer, conversations with your husband, as well as some guidance are needed to help you deal with many of these problems.One of the things that sex is designed for is to bring you and your man closer together.

The marriage bed is a place to strengthen your one flesh union.But now the honeymoon is over and real life has begun.