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It is an adult form of play that many people would rather just keep in their fantasies.Therefore, just because the book has become a hit in the suburbs, does not mean that all these female readers want to enact these roles.This involves creative pursuing by one partner in order to build anticipation and psychological engagement.There is in fact a multi-billion dollar industry of romance novels that are filled with bad boy heroes and desired heroines that succumb to the alpha-type hero. She must wear her collar and leash at all times when home regardless of who comes over.

if you think that it is fantasy, i encourage you to pay a visit to Collar Me or or any number of websites where people who engage in the lifestyle congregate.

People who participate in BDSM come from a variety of ethnicities, sexual orientations, ages and social classes The Dom is in a position of power and authority and the Sub is in a position of helplessness and vulnerability in many capacities.

These relationships are consensual and the submissive has code words to let the Dom know if he/she has had enough.

However, couples involved in this type of relationship only come in for therapy when there are issues outside their sexual relationship that need help, or because one of them is not adhering to the detailed contract which was set up at the beginning of their relationship.

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Like the heroine Anastasia in Fifty Shades of Grey, she is asked to read over a list of activities to see which are hard limits (meaning activities she would never want to do under any circumstances) and soft limits (meaning activities that she might consider trying) and sign a contract.

Therefore, the myth that the Sub is actually being abused and in danger of being hurt is not true at all in a true D/S relationship because the Submissive has all the power to stop a ‘scene' by using the code word.