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and I'm sure that others might be using Google calendar... Pet peeve of mine is the use of gray or faint type on the messages and elsewhere on VMS... I am having difficulty sending an email to our membership!considering the average age of MG I would suggest a more dense font vs. I clicked "email all members" and then I get a repeated message "You have elected to email all volunteers" when I click "send." I've tried multiple times. Hi, I appreciate all the work that went into this revision, thanks.The event does not announce that it is full and allows more signups than needed.Gail Rose Lam on the main VMS page "Your Calendar" lists the dates of events with the latest date first and earliest date last... I'm somewhat nervous that the earliest dates, tasks might be missing.. I would suggest it be in chronological order so that it is obvious what is next and what is upcoming after that...Here you can also find a link to the end user license agreement, which you accepted prior to the installation.

Why did you change it for something with no design, poor layout and requires s manual to use?

Great feedback was collected from volunteers and coordinators to lay the foundation for the new system.

VMS 3.1 maintains all the functionality of the old system with up-to-date branding and design.

I always include hours when I add a new volunteer or CE activity. The entering hours process is almost identical to the previous VMS version, it was intentionally designed to be as similar as possible to help make the most common actions the same process.

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The main difference in VMS 3.1 is that hours can now be connected to events by selecting the event info from a dropdown menu.

Thanks, Suzanne Hennessy When I do my Hours Report and create Excel spreadsheet, how do I go about globally removing IA (inactive resigned members).

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