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Offer to get the information necessary to calm her fears or to protect her from the object of her fears.For example, if your daughter fears going to the police because she thinks her name will be in the paper, offer to call the local police department and find out for your daughter exactly what the department's policies are regarding release of rape victims' names.c.This approach accomplishes an additional educational goal of getting people to talk with each other seriously and in detail about violence against women - something that is still very difficult for most people in our culture.Small groups also tend to generate well-thought-out responses. Real situations are complex and require full consideration of individual circumstances.But I quickly learned that pretty is relative and can get you attention, but what a man likes or dislikes is a true puzzle.I’ve watched gorgeous girls throw themselves at a handsome stranger at a party and he end up leaving with someone far less spectacular.” The one thing I’ve learned is just because one man appears to prefer strawberry over chocolate doesn’t mean chocolate ain’t good!Tell your friend firmly you want her to stop for a minute.Ask her to try to listen to you for just a minute without interrupting. Get a notebook so you and she can write things down you want to remember. As much as possible, ask questions in a logical order.

Tell her that you want very much to respect her wishes as to how to handle the rape, but at the same time, as her mother (or father), you need to make sure she is safe and cared for.It made me luckier, because he was abusive.” Chloe: “My boyfriend of two years stood me up on what was supposed to be “a getaway weekend,” and eloped to Vegas with an ex-girlfriend.I was suicidal until I realized that you can’t lose something you never had.When you finally get your daughter to talk, she tells you that she was raped the night before by her boyfriend.

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But when you suggest calling the police or a rape crisis center, your daughter adamantly refuses, and says she doesn't want to talk to anyone. FACT: This is a very common and difficult situation.Throughout the time you're dealing with your daughter's rape, repeat this concern for her often and in different ways.b.