Verizon wireless updating towers

20-Apr-2019 06:52

I was wondering what my other carrier options would be.

I don't think Talk for Good is an option because nothing they offer is comparable. The "bring your own device" option on Straght Talk has a number of listed limitations for acceptable phones.

My Verizon LTE phone seems capable of automatically updating the PRL for roaming, yet I have no idea if a Sprint phone might need the PRL updated manually to be able to use whatever roaming capabilities a Verizon MVNO might offer.

The information on the forum seems to indicate for most Verizon MVNOs (except America Movil's brands) it would be possible to use a reprogrammed Sprint phone, yet I'm not sure if it might make sense to try switching the PRL depending on the Verizon MVNO.

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There are probably a few more, but those are the ones getting all the attention here on Ho Fo.Verizon did introduce some 3G prepaid LG smartphones this year, but usually Verizon doesn't allow MVNOs to activate their prepaid phones.I think Verizon basic phones also lack LTE, so I would figure they don't mind allowing feature phones and many of the older 3G devices.Also, both of those America Movil companies have lower-line plans that require their branded phones for plans designed only for each respectively (the ST plan and the by-the-minute Net10 plans).

Those phones can be either "G" models (for GSM) or "C" models (for CDMA).Edit: Oops, major omission was Selectel, which has at least two threads about it.