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05-May-2019 11:17

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Visit Stack Exchange In a Win Form I'm doing initial validation in the Form. To make the code short only three fields are shown in the code.

I think you can with a regex but I don't know the actual expression as password can contain almost anything. I know I can use a regular expression validator using to state 7 as the minimum but I dont know how to set it to all characters.

hello does anyone know how i go about stopping users go past 6000 chars in my textbox i tried using rang validation but seems to be for numeric values any1 got any ideas of how i can accomplish this [:)] Thanks Andy, This will take a little bit of work to fit into your solution, but I think character counters are simply the best way of managing the length of a text box. It is so much easier when you know how much you have to work with.

So if the number of characters does cross 6000, it is detected on the browser itself by your javascript code plus to avoid this large number of characters from being to server .

For a normal user(one who doesnt disable javascript) , javascript will validate length .

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This Validation will work after clicking the button.

Server side validation(using various validators or manually validating the input in code behind) is REQUIRED with or without javacript validation.

In your case, as 6000 chars are to be passed, you better use javascript validation too .

Generally, this method returns the same result as to Lower Case() method.

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However, for some locales, where language conflicts with the regular, Unicode case mappings occurs (such as Turkish), the results may vary.

(Create MVC Application) Create new project and select ASP. In the code given below, just specify your Controllername in your Contoller and specify an actionmethod name in an action. Click Validate button to get the length of textbox input. Email Validation Here, we may use Reg Ex to validate the input whether that is a valid E-mail or not. Here, we have a predefined functionality called to Upper Case.

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