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08-Jul-2019 15:23

The other compliant XSD 1.0 processors, will emit similar error message.

It is clearly evident, when looking at XSD document of this example, that sibling declarations of xs:element (with name="a") and xs:any are ambiguous.

This particular XML Schema constraint is also many times referred to as UPA constraint, usually by the XML Schema validation processors and XML Schema literature available at many places.

The UPA constraint is defined both in XML Schema 1.0 and 1.1 languages, and its core essence hasn't changed in the two versions of XSD language.

That is, the XSD 1.0 processor cannot decide whether it should select the declaration xs:element (with name="a") or the declaration xs:any, when validating an XML instance element "a".

It is interesting to know, that the UPA violation will be reported when we attempt to compile the XSD schema (for example, by the JAXP API), and without doing any validation against an XML instance document.

The other compliant products will exhibit similar behavior.

If we look at the sibling declarations of xs:element (with name="a") and xs:any, then that is an example of UPA violation in XSD 1.0 language (it's not a UPA violation in XSD 1.1, as we'll discuss later).

This article discusses the XML Schema language's "Unique Particle Attribution" constraint, that XML Schema users encounter many times while working with XSD documents.

By using XMLFox Advance you can validate XML document for both cases, when your XML document contains an in-line XSD schema and for an outside XSD file as well. First one displays an XML with in-line XSD and the second shows two separate XML and XSD files.

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