Validating after button click

28-Mar-2019 16:16

WINDOWS FORMS I've a form that has a textbox that allows the user to enter a string. On the Lost Focus event, the textbox formats the string into a preferred format.

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I like the Lost Focus event, because I've got upwards of 14 such textboxes on various tabs on the form, which all may contain different strings but must all be formatted in the correct format.

i tried from many sites but my issue is not yet resolved.

one important thing to mention this button and textbox is not enclosed in a form.

Creating layers of indirection just for a click event with two lines of code seems a bit off and I can't see in any way how that would make it easier to test.

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What you may want is to use a higher level of abstraction and which wraps the functionality of your form: var Url Builder = function(el, options) Also we can refactor the test method to have usable output: Url Builder.= function(); // The reason is that the browser will not allow you to override anything in the window host object.

Essentially its just going to the next part of the form without validation the current part As an example HTML I have no idea how you've set up each part to to interact with each other or what other code is being used.

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