Utorrent dht always updating

08-Mar-2019 18:44

List of those servers is following: Thanks; yes, that resolved the problem, I switched to Serbia, and all is good.

I was using Bosnia, Sarajevo as my go-to server for torrent downloads for over a year now, and up to this point, it has always provided good performance, but now it seems to be blocking DHT requests; this also seems to be the case for several European servers, and I guess I just didn't find one that wasn't blocking DHT.

Somewhere between one and all torrents get stuck with status "finding peers." Up until today it was usually just one, but today there were 4/4 stuck in this state.2. ***NOTHING*** has changed; that is, I have no new hardware, haven't changed my firewall settings, my modem and router are the same, I'm downloading torrent flies from the same place (exclusively TVTorrents) and have installed no new software.4.

Eventually the problem resolves itself, but 'eventually' can be anywhere from 10 minutes to several hours.

Firefox, email, MSN all show they're fine but its not actually connected.

I diagnose the connection and Windows finds nothing wrong.

Comments like "Check the trackers are all live for those jobs" will not help me solve the problem, since I neither know what that means nor now to do it.

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If you can't, please refrain from making comments that don't lead to a solution...I am having the same problem as smalltalkdan.

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Is there a web page somewhere that is updated with the recommended list of these servers?

Hi guys, I know this has come up several times in the past, but it's now become an acute problem for me. Primary symptom: I download some number of torrents and open them in u Torrent.

I have also tried to go back to an older version but neither worked.