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Restart your computer and reconnect the USB flash drive/external hard drive to the PC.After the computer restarts, the driver will be automatically installed.When your USB flash drive or USB external hard drive is unallocated space because of driver errors, follow the methods below to make it usable again. Connect the USB flash drive or external hard drive to PC, right-click on "This PC" (in Windows 10) and choose "Properties". Click "automatically search for driver software online". Wait for the driver to be updated, then reboot your computer.Afterward, you can try to reconnect your USB drive to PC and check whether the USB drive shows up or not.Read carefully the terms and conditions of the End User License Agreement("EULA") before downloading, installing and using this software provided by Toshiba.Your use, download, or installation of this software and/or its associated documentation ("Software") is construed as agreement to the terms and conditions of this EULA.Don't forget to subscribe to our Facebook Page "Flash Drive Repair " To receive the latest posts and latest flash firmware software .

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This EULA is an agreement between you and Toshiba Corporation (hereafter Toshiba).All of my projects from this semester are stored on the drive, how can I get to my files?!” Many users, including you now, have found their USB flash drive or external hard drive not showing up on their Windows PC.(Make sure you have selected the correct USB device.) Step 3.

In the prompt asking you to confirm the removal, click "OK". If it takes too long, you can remove the USB flash drive from the PC.) Step 4.

Is your USB drive not showing up in Windows File Explorer but can be seen in Disk Management?