Updating your computer is almost complete you must restart

07-Sep-2019 16:25

updating your computer is almost complete you must restart-60

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Hope what I write is actually helping you with whatever problem you're having now.:-) You may not know this, but what we do every day, is making things easier: we write articles that are easy to read; we write instructions easy to follow; we make complicated things easy to understand... Since October 2017, Windows 10 has been freezing a lot more than usual.You may not need to try them all; just work your way down the list until you find the one that works for you.The Windows 10 freezing problem can be caused by outdated drivers.

Windows will scan your system for corrupted files, and attempt to fix any it finds.The results will display in this window, so please leave it open until the operation is complete.If the scan finds no problems, you know your system files aren’t the cause of Windows 10 randomly freezing, and you can move on to the next fix. They’re basically power saving options – they turn down your system’s voltage, multipliers, etc.But don’t worry, Microsoft makes it easy for you to get your original system files back.

It has an in-built tool called System File Checker that will restore any broken or missing system files that could be causing your PC to freeze.

It is a combination of RAM and a portion of your hard drive.