Updating wireless adaptor

25-Aug-2019 02:39

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After that it says "we're setting up '8bitdo receiver'" and then says "Xbox 360 controller for windows" is now ready to use....I plugged mine in first to let it install its drivers then pulled it out, opened the update tools and plugged it back in while holding the button. The light does actually turn yellow when you plug it in this way, even if its hard to tell with the orange shell.However the articles out there suggest registry editing: Windows 10 looses wifi after upgrade Start CMD as an admin reboot and wifi should be back.However I got the "registry key not found so I unstalled the VPN, reboot and wifi is back.That's the only way I've found to update it.Once you go through the update though, it should be 100% good to do.I am also missing the option to "manually connect to a wireless network", as shown here: It is a desktop Windows 10 machine with a Linksys AC1200 USB wireless adapter plugged in and I am trying to connect to a 4G hub.Linksys AC1200 is present and enabled in Device Manager (reporting as Linksys WUSB6300).

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I had similar situation where the network drivers and the hardware were fine (Device Manager listed all network adapters and Linux used the network just fine, but there was no network in Windows 10 and no Network Connections in network settings).Just hold down the button on the adapter until it blinks super fast then hit the sync button on what ever controller you want and it should sink. Exact same issue, I was playing Witcher 3 and all of a sudden my controller color changed to Blue from Green, in my device manager the controller is being recognized as a "Wireless Controller", just like if u connect it through bluetooth directly.If it defaults to the 360 controller, that;'s also fine. If the driver is not installed, go to the manufactures website and download it. Did a system restore back to the update installation and voila---my wifi adapter was back.

I knew it was something with the laptop because my tablets and phone wifi were both fine. Always turn off the wifi of PC/Laptop before shutdown.

My guess is that I had Cisco Any Connect VPN installed in Windows 8.1 and then upgraded to Windows 10 where it all got messed up.