Updating contact information

06-Mar-2019 10:29

In some instances, you may be required to provide proof of your identity and proof of the new telephone number in order to make the change.If you wish to have the fraud alert removed, you will need to submit the request in writing, along with two copies of proof of identification.Additionally, some designs may have been modified since this document was written. In Shiftboard, each person has an account, which includes avatar, name, contact information, language preferences, notification preferences, and more.Oracle i Store has a very tight integration with the TCA Architecture or the Customer information that can be managed via the Customer Standard form.This information includes Predicted Demographics, estimated location, and favorite email client.

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To change the number listed on a fraud alert, you should call the phone number listed on your report, and a representative will assist you.

When you enter your job title, work phone and fax numbers, office location and other information into mil Connect, this data appears as your contact information in the Microsoft Outlook Address Book or other mail programs that access the Global Address List.

Note: Due to the number of areas needed to properly change the address and phone number on your website we recommend emailing your contact information changes to the webmaster support team at [email protected]

Fraud alerts notify a creditor that you may be a victim of identity theft, and request the creditor to contact the number on the alert to verify that it is you applying for credit, and not the fraudster.

If you have changed phone numbers, but have not updated the number on the alert, the creditors will be unable to reach you when they call.Select Shiftboard sites are currently using the new interface.