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12-Jun-2019 01:20

for cars with CIC and NBT navigation system (which has an integrated sat nav system on an internal hard drive HDD).CIC navigation system has different map types: PREMIUM, MOTION and MOVE, while the NBT system has the NEXT map type.

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Whether you need to update your i Drive software or upload the newest map to your BMW Navigation system, keeping your BMW’s i Drive modern should be considered a regular maintenance task.

The map update process is so simple, that all you need to do is change your old BMW DVD-map out with a newer version of a map, that fits your make and model.

Where older BMW-units use a DVD to store the map on, newer BMW models have been fitted with internal memory, where the map can be saved.

It is necessary and extremely important that you find out, whether you have Navigation Business or Navigation Professional installed on your BMW, as the systems have their own update version.

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If you need help with identifying your system, please don’t hesitate to call Schmiedmann.COMPLETE STEP-BY-STEP INSTALLATION GUIDE IS INCLUDED. From Version 2015, the update is ONLY available as a USB set, so it must be borne in mind that the update can only be carried out without problems via the USB memory stick on cars built after 03/2010 or cars with firmware updated since 03/2010 (for example, all x35i models (335i, 535, etc) which were served under the N54 campaign in 2013 and had received a complete software update to the entire vehicle as part of that service can update to 2015 map using USB without any issues).