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30-Aug-2019 15:27

This technology could yield results that are much more accurate at predicting how the human body will behave under different conditions and how it will react to experimental drugs.It could also help patients with rare forms of cystic fibrosis be prescribed a personalized treatment.With this technology it would be possible to revert mutations directly in the CFTR gene, although this kind of treatment would need to be tailored to each specific mutation causing cystic fibrosis.

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The researchers have modified a monkey lentivirus — a kind of virus that can insert genetic material in the host cell — to carry the external ‘targeting’ proteins of a virus that naturally infects the lung.

The major challenge that led most gene therapies for cystic fibrosis to fail in the past is delivering the therapy to the lungs.

To address it, the consortium is now focusing on manufacturing the virus in large enough amounts to start clinical trials, a task taken on by the biotech company Oxford Biomedica.

Without chloride to attract water, the mucus that surrounds the cells in many organs becomes thick and sticky.

The main organ affected is the lungs, where the mucus clogs airways and makes them prone to infection and inflammation.She is part of a British consortium where the Universities of Oxford, Edinburgh, and UCL work together in the development of a gene therapy for the condition.