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02-Sep-2019 10:05

And that’s why I want to give you this simple tip you can start using right away to give your dating mindset a major jumpstart. Attracting my guy took having the right mindset and Inner Love Game to make it happen. I love teaching this workshop because I see the difference this information makes in your ability to find love. Lisa on a personal level is warm, intelligent and positive.

Here it is…you focus on in your dating life is what will show up in your dating life. Which leads me to asking you if you know the pieces that are missing in your Inner Love Game that have been shutting down your ability to find love, the man and relationship you desire? If you’ve tried all the dating tools and skills and still haven’t found your Mr. Her willingness to disclose about her own struggles is also very informative.

Left to their own devices, most women aren’t being contacted by the men they’d like to date.

I know that I too was frustrated many times over the course of my own dating journey because things seemed more difficult than I thought they should be. If you’re wondering why dating feels like you’re driving with one foot on the brake and one foot on the gas, wondering why you’re not meeting great guys to spend time with, I’d like to share something with you.

It’s an amazing backdrop that just adds a ton of production value.

We wanted to capture the unique buildings, taxi cabs, massive street crowds, and everything else that makes this insane place the greatest city in the world.

Most women believe if they just had the right body or lived in a particular city or had more men to choose from, the relationship would come.

I know, because I’ve been closely observing, teaching and championing unhappy single women over 50 for quite a while. Here’s what I’ve discovered: Your level of dating success isn’t really about your looks and your weight as much as it is about how you dating.

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Since she was a young girl, she always had a special interest in relationships and how they work, or more-so, why often times they don’t work.

Many of the ideas for the plot came from situations either we’ve been through at one point in our lives or things people we know have battled with.