Tough dating questions to ask

06-Sep-2019 10:58

It's one thing being attracted to someone you're not in a relationship with; it's another to act on that attraction. If your boyfriend or girlfriend wants the two of you to spend every waking moment together, that's a sign of insecurity.This person needs constant affirmation of your “love” for you.If you tell your partner “no”, they'll probably believe you're lying to them (and they'll probably be right).If you answer “yes”, you're in for a world of trouble.Good communication is a large part of a healthy relationship, but miscommunication between couples sometimes make a bad situation worse.

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It's human to be attracted to more than one person.Ultimately, if you're not doing anything “wrong”, it doesn't hurt for your boyfriend or girlfriend to have a little healthy jealousy of your time.If you don't want to be separated, you probably are a little anxious about your partner's wandering eyes.You want your partner to have a healthy libido, don't you?

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Would you want to be with the kind of person who never thinks about the opposite sex?

But if you're dating someone and considering intimate relations, there might be some questions arise that are difficult to ask.

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