Todd lasance dating jessica tovey

28-May-2019 11:29

However, he chose to re-join Home and Away because did not want to take the risk of losing both roles.Lasance said he was glad Aden was not killed off because it was a "realisation of his potential".

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The show centres around five women whose lives collide following a series of shocking events and learn that life can get a whole lot more complicated outrageous and fun, than they ever imagined.

The serial's producers called Lasance back, offering him the part of Aden, which was a guest role lasting six weeks.

At the time there was a possibility of Lasance securing a role in the television series The Pacific.

His childhood was plagued with sexual abuse at the hands of his grandfather, while Aden's father, Larry Jefferies (Paul Gleeson) became an alcoholic.

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Lasance and scriptwriters have both pointed out that these events impacted on Aden's life and contribute to his destructive personality.

Lasance was offered the role after previously auditioning for a separate character.