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Josh Freese - Why Won't Left Eye Get With Me 26. Vandals - Theme From That Darn Punk - Cafe 40502 - It´s A Fact03 - Behind The Music04 - Oi To World05 - Right On Q06 - People That Are Going To Hell07 - The New You08 - Ape Drape09 - Idea For A Movie10 - My Girlfriend´s Dead11 - Summer Lovin´12 - I Have A Date 43210-102 Appreciate My Honesty03 I'm Becoming You04 Disproportioned Head05 Soccer Mom06 We'll All Get Laid07 Little Weirdo08 I Can't Wait09 Where's You Dignity-10 My Brain Tells My Body11 When I Say You I Mean Me12 The Unseen Tears of the Albacore13 My Brother Is Gay14 Lord of the Dance15 count to ten 43210-102 Appreciate My Honesty03 It’s A Fact04 An Idea For A Movie05 Pizza Tran06 Café 40507 Soccer Mom08 The New You09 Marry Me10 Oi To The World!

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A music video starring guitarist and producer Warren Fitzgerald was filmed for the band's cover version of Queen's "Don't Stop Me Now".

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The Vandals sound more like one of the countless punk-pop bands that try to imitate them.

Dave Quackenbush sings the chorus of "Soccer Mom" as if just the concept of a song about a soccer mom was funny by itself.Johnny Sako05 Mohawk Town06 Viking Suit07 Hocus Pocus08 I'm a Fly09 Slap of Love10 Airstream11 Rico Clowns Are Experts (At Making Us Laugh)02 Susanville03 Desert Woman04 In America05 Elvis Decanter06 Goop All Over The Phone (Pleasant All Over The Bill)07 Shiite Punk08 Gator Hide09 Long Hair Queer10 Play That Country Tuba Cowboy11 Complain (From The Film Bob Roberts) Wanna Be Manor 2 Urban Struggle3 The Legend of Pat Brown4 Pirate's Life5 H. Hotel 6 Anarchy Burger (Hold the Government)7 Ladykiller8 Birthday Bash9 Master Race (In Outer Space)10 Big Bro VS Johnny Sako11 Mohawk Town12 Viking Suit 13 Hocus Pocus14 I'm a Fly15 Slap of Love16 Airstream17 Rico Pizza Train02 The Rog03 Join Us For Pong04 Hey Holmes05 Girls Turn 18Everyday06 Kill My Tenant07 Summer Lovin08 The Da Farrah Fawcett Died09 Anti10 Teenage Idol11 Small Wonder12 Phone Machine Anarchy Burger(Hold The Government)02 The Legend of Pat Brown03 Join Us for Pong04 Pizza Tran05 The Master Race in Outer Space06 Wanna Be Manor07 Mohawk Town08 Lady Killer09 Girls Turn 18 Every Day10 Hey Homes!

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