The seven deadly sins if dating

17-Mar-2019 08:31

Our guest blogger today is social psychologist Simon H. Pride, greed, gluttony, sloth, envy, anger and lust – the seven deadly sins – get a pretty bad rap in western culture, but a closer look at the scientific record suggests that even these deadliest of vices might not be so deadly after all.

Laham, Ph D, author of the engaging new book, The Science of Sin, The Psychology of the Seven Deadlies (and why they are so good for you), which is available today. Have you ever broken up with someone for being too lazy? Here are just a few of the upsides of the seven deadlies that you might keep in mind the next time your partner or your date veer to the sinful side. Recent research shows that people who are hungry are less likely to donate to charity than those who are full.

The slower the pace of life in a city, the more people were to pick up a dropped pen or give someone change for the phone. Although the poet Ovid portrayed envy as a bile-dripping, black-toothed monster, this sin, which involves comparing oneself to those better-off, can actually inspire and motivate.

In one study, participants were asked to think of as many uses for a brick as possible (a standard creativity test that psychologists use).

While it’s easy to give way to the initial spark between you, if you truly get to know each other first, get more comfortable with one another, and more open to communication, the sex you have when you finally do get there will be far more satisfying.

Dating can become treacherous ground when you’re straddling the line between friendship and intimacy.

This research is based on the finding that various rewarding stimuli (e.g., food and money) are processed in the same part of the brain and are thus, in some sense, substitutable.

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