The dating revolution

25-Mar-2019 04:07

They’d actually divorced after year 12, but re-married one year later.It was funny that neither wanted the divorce to begin with, but too stubborn to admit it once the ball started rolling.He said that he would tell them that he could only see them on certain days/nights because he was “busy” during the rest of the week. He went on to disclose that sometimes he had to do some fancy footwork in town so as not to run into one of his ladies when it wasn’t night.I asked if they ever wanted to know what kind of “busy” he was referring. I asked him why did he feel the need to date multiple women.Since then, the revolution has continued, as the extent of calibration has been extended ever further back and as the range of material that can be dated has been expanded.Now a new revolution beckons, one that could allow archaeology to engage in historical debate and usher in an entirely new kind of (pre)history.He tells me that at any given time, he has as many as 3 girlfriends and all of them know that they aren’t the only one.

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Don’t get me wrong, I love men – I just don’t like them very much right now. When I moved to Atlanta, everyone kept telling me that I wouldn’t find a man here because they were either married, gay, on the down-low or involved with multiple women.

Over the last decade, several technical advances in 14C studies have provided contexts for a number of significant applications in archeology that were previously either not possible or not practical.