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06-Apr-2019 22:17

While I'm not a fan of country music, I'm the first to admit that Leann is an incredibly talented I was SHOCKED to see her last night dancing around in a retro-style bathing suit while singing her new single. My thought was WHY would someone as talented as Leann need to be half naked while singing on stage....(There’s a great deal of speculation about Miley Cyrus’ mental health, something that should remain a personal matter unless she chooses to discuss it.) It’s time to step off the seesaw of either blaming women artists for everything and using their personal lives as a vehicle for misogyny, or giving them a pass on everything.

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As Snarky’s Machine pointed out in comments on Monday’s post, it’s very telling to see what of work and creators get passes from the feminist community, and what gets ignored or trashed.Should we talk about how things like, for example, the way gender performance in pop culture plays a role in how we perceive gender in real life?