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11-Mar-2019 19:44

Chris Rock made the movie “Good Hair” that touched on many areas of what black women go through regarding their hair. Sure most black men hate weaves but the women I surveyed expressed how a black man would understand more because he was raised by a black woman.

Because of this, a black man knows all the changes his mother may have went through maintaining her hair. A white man on the other hand is used to naturally unenhanced straight hair that he gets to run his fingers through.

You can see this in the marriage rates of black men: Black men are much more likely to have STDs than white men are.

Black men are 6.7x as likely to have Chlamydia as White men: https://gov/std/stats16/figures/Black men are 8.9x as likely to have Gonorrhea as White men: https://gov/std/stats16/figures/Black men are 4.6x as likely to have Syphilis as White men: https://gov/std/stats16/figures/Black men are 8.4x as likely to have HIV as White men: Black men frequently leave the children they fathered.

As of 2008, 72.3% of black children are born out of wedlock (compared to 28.6% of white children): the age of 17, only 18% black children live in a household with both biological parents. UO2k NZHI/AAAAAAAAAHA/q Blkt Zix-Vo/s1600/pic1.jpg60% of black children are currently in a single-parent household (compared to 26% of white children): https:// Black men are less educated, earn less, and are more likely to be unemployed than white men, meaning they are unable to provide a decent living for a wife or family: Black men are much more likely to commit a crime and end up in jail or prison:34% of Black Men are ex-offenders (roughly 3x the US average): Men are much more likely to end up in jail or prison: Black men are significantly more likely to commit homicide than white men: often hear about how dangerous men are to women.

I know a number of white or hispanic women who have married or had children with black men, and I can't think of a single relationship which is still intact.

At least then he feels as if he has something in common with her.White men commit murder at roughly 10x the rate of white women, but black men commit murder at nearly 10x the rate of white men.Despite these red flags, the media tends to promote White Female Black Male storylines as "cool" and "edgy", and these storylines are much more common than Black Female White Male couplings.Interracial dating has been one of the biggest conversations within the black community.

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Black men have made it no secret their liking to white women.

It also plays up the idea of the "sexually exciting" Black Male (Jessica Jones, Save the Last Dance, House of Cards, etc).

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