Slovak dating america

30-Jul-2019 21:50

In order for magic to happen, they needed to water it early in the morning every day with fresh water transported from the source to the brunch in their mouth.This wasn’t always handy because springs with a fresh water or local wells were not close to the house.And yup, parents had a strong word in their daughter’s marriage choice. This meeting took place a week after the initial contact from the groom’s elderly.Once the families agreed upon marriage, the groom’s family visited the bride’s family where they set up the rules and agreed upon “terms and conditions.” Mostly they just divided money and property among the families. Once the money was divided it was finally time for the proper engagement.

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I really wonder how this one worked out cause the wreaths unusually traveled quite far away. Andrew’s Day a girl went to knock on a chicken shelter (a place where you keep chickens at night) and ask if she is going to get married.

Some of the rituals were supposed to predict when and if they get married, other how their future husband will look like, etc.

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