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Despite numerous actions by tenants, who noticed that nobody had been using the flat since 1970, as well as those by city services, which requested that the apartment be broken into and examined, nobody reacted to their pleas for nearly four decades.

On January 25, 2006, officials from a north London housing association who were repossessing a bedsit in Wood Green due to rent arrears made a grim discovery.

They were unable to trace any family or friends and found few personal items in the flat, which Mr. Police said that there were no suspicious circumstances surrounding the death, and that it was impossible to confirm the cause of death.

In August 2013, the decomposed body of Geneva Chambers was discovered in her Florida home by a landscaper.

According to court documents, foreclosure notices were issued in 2009 and all utilities were turned off by June 2010.

Neighbors believed that Chambers had abandoned the house.

Eleven days earlier, his landlord and bailiffs had gone to the first-floor property to investigate why his rent had not been paid for several months.

Neighbors said that there had been a "musty smell" in the hallway outside the flat before his body was found, but nothing more unusual than that. Allen had died in December 2010, when he would have been around 50 years of age.

When he entered the home, which was filled with an odor that Ponce described as “awful,” he found her mummified remains near a poster that parodied Rosie the Riveter.Once police began investigating, they learned that Chambers preferred solitude when she was alive, telling neighbors to get off her property and angrily turning away a woman who offered her cookies.Shockingly, Chambers may have been dead in her home for up to three years.Authorities and family members believe that the body of Barbara Salinas-Norman, 70, may have been inside the home for over a year.

At one time, Salinas was a prominent children's author.

The skeletal remains of Simon Allen were only discovered when deep cleaners went to his home.

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