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Its members, so the website stated, were 'high net-worth individuals'. 63 babies had been born as a result of its introductions. She was the managing director of 70/30 until March 2011, but gave up that post when she went abroad (it appears to Croatia) to adopt her daughter.

She also looked at third party websites where she found reassuring reviews. Nonetheless, she remained a director and she retained ultimate control of the business, of which she was and still is the sole shareholder.

He dealt with people categorised on the database as 'hot': they were good looking, high profile people.

She said that none of the staff was being called as a witness, because they all started to work for the agency after May 2015, when Ms Burki disengaged with the matchmaking process. According to Ms Ambrose, the agency maintains a database of men and women who could be described as wealthy and/or successful.

Gertrude Stein quipped that whoever said money can't buy happiness didn't know where to shop. Her other witnesses were Boriana Errante, a Bulgarian woman living in Geneva, who was an old friend from their youth; Lilia Severina, a woman who got in contact with Ms Burki after what she said was a bad experience with 70/30; Alexandra Wilson, another ex-member of the dating agency; and Emmet Colville, a young man who had worked for 70/30 as a 'matchmaking specialist' between 8 December 2014 and April 2015. The witnesses for 70/30 were Susie Ambrose, who founded, owns and is a director of the agency, and Craig Males, the agency's accountant.

This case is about a woman looking for romantic happiness who says she was tricked into shopping in the wrong place, paying a large sum to a dating agency which, she says, made promises but failed to produce the goods. Tereza Burki sues a dating agency, Seventy Thirty Ltd (70/30), for deceit and misrepresentation, and seeks the return of her membership fee, and damages for distress; the agency, in a separate action, sues her for libel and malicious falsehood in connection with two online reviews of its service which Ms Burki posted. Ms Burki was represented by Jonathan Edwards, and 70/30 by Lisa Lacob. The managing director at the time with which this action is concerned, a Mr Lemarc Thomas, was unavailable to give evidence.

In the event, Ms Lacob was content to refer to them by their initials. She has three children from her previous marriages. It was important to her that her partner should lead a 'wealthy lifestyle', and that he should be 'open to travelling internationally'.

On no view was there any need for the trial to take place in private. She lives in Lennox Gardens, between Chelsea and Knightsbridge. For that reason, it would also have been appealing to her that he should have 'multiple residences'. The way in which she expressed her criteria in her Re-Amended Particulars of Claim (RAPC, para.

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They might not necessarily be wealthy or successful: not all her members were looking for money, so her pool included people who were interesting but not necessarily rich.Her application was founded on an understandable concern for the confidentiality of information held about the agency's clients.A number of client profiles were likely to be contentious during the trial, and she feared that some of the individual clients might be identifiable from their initials and other information revealed about them. It appeared to me that the proper way to protect the confidential information of the relevant clients was either to refer to them simply by their initials, without venting in open court any other information which might make them identifiable, or (if Ms Lacob felt that was insufficient) for her to prepare a table of numbers or letters to be used to refer to each of them, so that not even their initials need be used in open court. What she wanted in a partner was a 'sophisticated gentleman', ideally employed in the finance industry.As I understand it, the senior management roles are now performed by Georgina Barnett, who is head of membership, and Lorraine Donovan, who is head of operations, and manages the matchmakers. Ms Ambrose's evidence was that the agency currently employs 10 staff and 19 freelance consultants round the world.

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All of the full time staff worked on matchmaking, including Mr Thomas, when he was managing director.They had to pay a high fee, and checks, including credit checks, were made on them.

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