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16-May-2019 10:28

If you’re the introverted type, you may want to meet your date on group outing with other seniors, then arrange a solo date later when you feel more comfortable.If you don’t click with your date and she or he doesn’t get the hint, make up a polite excuse and go home.Decide on a fun activity for the date that will encourage conversation, like going to the zoo or meeting at a bustling diner.

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Often the mindset of seniors is they need to meet large groups of singles during their college years and in their 30s. Here are my top five rules for senior singles to meet other senior singles.

The longer you stay on the job in any capacity whatsoever, the better. Let your colleagues know you’re interested in meeting someone. Each of these rules would be tremendously enjoyable to do exclusively as an activity, but the singles who meet, date, court and marry are those who select two or three and mix them up in their schedules.

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