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The Indian massacres along the frontier, the letters of the British officers and others higher up in the English government, make a wonderful story and one that no one who professes to be conversant with early history dare long remain unfamiliar with. Then the people separated into the province of New York. * * * * Nearly 150 families resolved to move to Jochary, a place about 40 English miles to the west of Albany.

No state in the Union has a history of greater import- ance than Pennsylvania. They sent Deputies to the IMagnaisch Land to confer about it with the Indians, who allowed them to settle at Jochary because of their Indian deputy, who was in England, while the German people lay in tents on the black heath, had presented this 126 BLUE BOOK OF The Early Settlers Jochary to Queen Anna to settle this people on it.

Without the help of these rugged and fearless people, the nation under its heroic lead- ers, in the struggle for liberty, would have sunk into the depths of thraldom, unknown decay and servitude to an older, wealthier and more powerful country and liberty would never have been proclaimed throughout our beloved land. During the year we suffered much hunger however, and the people made many a meal with wild pataten (potatoes) and strawberries (Erdbonnen) which grow here in large quantities. Peter Zerbe (Note 1 — The History of Northumberland County, 1891, says, in its "Colonial Period:" "There was a colony of New Englanders who settled, early, near Shamokin Dam, who were given the derisive name of "Yankee" and were very much disliked by the settlers.") SCHUYLKILL COUNTY 32?

SCHUYLKILL COUNTY 15 Huguenots and Palatines The Huguenots and Palatines HAT Norsemen and not Christopher Co Unnbus discovered America and also, that, to the Teutonic race belongs that honor, is conceded by scholars and historians. Potatoes are called by the Indians, ochnanada and strawberries, otachvagara. Of the Zerbeys left Northumberland County and later Valley View, Schuyl- kill County, for Clarion County ; his brother David settled in Ohio. His four sons were in the Civil War and all re- turned home safely.

In the minutes of the Proprietary Government of Pennsylvania, and such reports as have been published in the Archives, there are found facts that prove this assertion. They were in Lancaster County prior to 1752, when part of Heidelberg was legislated to remain in that county. 'p 'I* 'K 't* After about two months we landed in London, England, with some thousand (a few thousand) Germans whom Queen Anna of most honorable memory received and supplied with food. 328 BLUE BOOK OF Genealogical Records Phillip* and Daniel"*, who went north to Northumberland County about 1785, were sons of Benjamin and Daniel Zerbe, of the Blue Mountain Hollow, Pinegrove Township, Berks County, (John2 the m., Lorentz^) and were first cousins.

The official records of a State alone can preserve its true history. Families in Berks County, near the line, were closely identified with their friends and neighbors on the other side who had not changed their locality but the name.) The name Merkle under various spellings occurs about eighty times in the Penna. The Merkles were very numerous in the Revolutionary War. About Christmas we were loaded, ten ships full, about 4000 souls, for America. Phillip's descendants live mainly near Sunbury and at Del- matia. The children of Phillip2 Zerbe, (John^ Phillip), were: John, Joseph, George, Phillip, Peter.

An inspection of the curriculum of our public schools at the present time, too, reveals the fact that history is studied in a formal way for one year only, the eighth. The historical part only is published.) SCHUYLKILL COUNTY 125 The Early Settlers Sabina, Conrad, George, Frederick, Barbara, Johann Frederick, and was there buried by the side of her ancestors. The Moravian, Lutheran and Reformed churches, in the theological state libraries, at their colleges and seminaries, too, contain many untabulated original manuscripts in the German script that remain untranslated and are fast fading away. Anthony Schra- der's 3d Co., 5th Battalion, (brother of Elizabeth Stout, married to Andrew Miller.) Stout, Daniel— Lieut., May 10, 17S0. Stout, Joseph — Shipmaster, Lucia Packet, 1762-1776. I had to suffer from the severe cold for I was but poorly clothed. Phillip, Adam, Aaron, Jacob, Isaac of first wife, Mary Emma, wf. Fietta Haupt, first wife; children: Milton H.; Francis, d. What is true of the State and church, is also true of the individual. Toward Spring I suffered much from hunger because the Indians had nothing to eat. The Indians were at that time also very cruel in their drunken- ness, so that I had often to hide myself from fear of the drunken Indians. Wherefore, we your Petitioners humbly request that you will be pleased to order a High road to be laid out. Zerbe 282 John Zerbe's Law Suit 284 Nathan Zerbe 287 John Zerbe, Cumru Township 288 Third and Fourth Generations 289 Jonathan and David Zerbe 289-291 Rev. Zerbe 292 George Adam Zerbe, Land and Family 294-297 George Zerbe, Tulpehocken, and Family 297-298 Tyrone and Altoona Zerbes 298 Reading, Pa., Zerbes 299 Unclassified Zerbes 301 Location of Land, Early Settlers 303 Host's Church 304 The Jacob Zerbes 304 Joel Zerbe Children 307 Philip Zerbe, of Washington Twp., Schuylkill Co 309 Descendants 309-323 Centre County Zerbes 323-325 Northumberland County Zerbes 325-332 Old Church, and Tombstone Records 333-347 SCHUYLKILL COUNTY Contents PART III. We are the descendants of French and German ancestry. We have the homely treasure of a dialect peculiarly our own and we glory in its quaint figures of speech, so largely corrupted with the English, that as a sub-language or idiom it must soon be relegated to the archives of the past. The attachees of the Chester, Lancaster, Dauphin, Berks, Northumberland, and Schuylkill County Courts and the Court of Quarter Sessions, Philadelphia, and the custodians of the records of some of the early churches, were uniformly oblig- SCHUYLKILL COUNTY ii Foreword ing in their offers of assistance in the unearthing of records. He was a magistrate for the Pro- vincial Government and his letters to the agents of that Government during the Indian War reflect great credit on his sagacity and prudence in his dealings with the red men.^ CONRAD WEISER'S DIARY2 3 In the year 1696 on the 2nd of November was I, Conrad Weiser, born in Europe, in the country of Wuertemberg, in the Magistracy at Herrenberg.

Having no Road as yet estab- lished amongst us, by means whereof we suffer diver incon- veniences and a great part of ye land at present not Settled, through which ye hereby petitioned road is naturally designed to go by means of whereof there will be no opposition made in ye laying of it out. STormrrlg for S»ix frarfi on ti|p l Eiiitortal ^taff of tljp Pnttaut Ur, pptttta., "^ppubltratt." ^ottaut Up, T^a.. ELLA ZERBEY ELLIOTT ' '\i\A- PRESS OF POTTSVILLE, PA., REPUBLICAN" E. Samuel and Maria Isles 277 Leonard Zerbe 279 Valentine Zerbe 280 Christian Zerbe 281 Benton H. Boyer 428 Boyer Ancestry 429 John Andrew Schwalm Family 430 Dr. The early settlers of Pennsylvania were not a showy race, they were plain and unassuming people, but they made his- tory and it seemed incumbent upon the author to transmit and preserve it. Schwarze, of the Moravian College and Archives, Bethlehem ; the officials of the Pennsylvania State Library, Harrisburg, and the custodians of historical society libraries in Reading, Lebanon, Lancaster, and Harrisburg, in submitting original manuscripts for our inspection, for material, cannot be over- estimated nor too warmly commended. He was promnient in the French and Indian war and served as Colonel in that war in command of the Second Battalion, Pennsylvania Recruits. Zerbe, (Reilly^ Phillip^ Phillip^, Phillip^), proprietor of the Zerbe Plotel, Sunbury, established by his father, Reilly Zerbe; m. The Steinedahl church records give Joseph Zerbe, m. Their names are identical with those above (and if the same man, he must have had two wives).

A large sum of money has been subscribed to enable Savants to make a thorough research of the libraries and repositories of learning in the old world ; and particular epochs and sections are made the especial study of members of the Society appointed for the purpose and the results forthcoming are of such a com- prehensive and thorough nature as to revolutionize many hereto- fore accepted historical facts and add many unknown truths to the basis of those already proven^. A small colony of Germans came in 1712 and settled on Manatawny Creek. I had made a good beginning, or had learned the greater part of the IMagnaisch language.

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