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There are a lot of them post SP2 including at ... Looked at the

Post that the Collections which I have created additionally and are limited to 'All Systems' are not updating; not showing in the console. · Hi All, I deleted the System Name form 'All System ... SCCM - Collection not updating I have a collection based on a query rule for these specific test machine names, which works as the machines appear in the collection.

I see the hourglass on the collection like it's trying to get data but just can't do it.https:// Computers not showing up in assigned collections Sign in to follow this . although I am hoping to do that upgrade soon along with the CU2 update that followed SP1. One of the common issues i have seen over the years when all of a sudden the collections would not refresh and collection membership would not update.

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For instance, when the deployment process of an application is the same as the update process, we’d want to target specific PCs for deployment and a dynamic set of PCs that already have the application.

Using Firefox ESR as an example, we have one device collection with two rules: a static rule for new deployments of Firefox ESR and a dynamic rule containing computers that already have Firefox ESR for the purpose of updating Firefox ESR since both processes are identical.

This script is tested on these platforms by the author. If you try it and find that it works on another platform, please add a note to the script discussion to let others know.

If you find that your System Center Configuration Manager 2007 (Config Mgr 2007) or System Center 2012 Configuration Manager (Config Mgr 2012) collections are updating slowly or maybe even not updating at all, take a look at your file. Software Update Management; System Center 2012 Configuration Manager;https:// membership not updating Hi Everyone, I noticed today that when we image machines they get added into our Windows 10 machine collection which has a limiting collection of "All Systems", but they aren't added to our Windows 10 laptop collection which has a limiting collection of "Windows 10 Machines".https:// I have created a collection to deploy and test software with three desktops but they are not appearing when added, the hour glass stays on for ever and does not seem to populate. Currently I am just trying to get the deployment of Win7 setup in SCCM 2012https:// Hi All, I have Standalone Primary Site Server of SCCM 2012 SP1.

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You... Config Mgr Collections: Dos and Don’ts. or using them to initially build a collection, then not updating it, or updating it infrequently. I have deleted the system names from 'All System' collection where Client=No. Note you don't want to set these very short or your client data will be getting deleted due to relatively brief period of inactivity.