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After replacing the shocks you may need to readjust the toe-in and lean if the sidecar has already been mounted.I would also suggest doing any repairs/upgrades/maintenance on the scooter before mounting the sidecar.I have designed a special project just for the class. If I find anything more specific out like tv appearances or other interviews I will let you know along the way.It is a mini-reversible toy that encompasses just about every toy-knitting skill you'll ever need for successful toy-knitting. I am pretty excited about this exclusive design for students only! I sure hope to see and meet as many of you as possible.After mounting the bracket, the brake lever does not return all the way home Drill new holes for the remaining bolts of the sidecar bracket (use 3/8" bit) and attach bolts Scooter with sidecar mount Assemble the side car wheel (parts are laid out in order). Be sure to use the cotter pin on the outer nut and bend the tabs over the nut on the inner nut The wheel is on Attach the sidecar with the 4 bolts and rubber washer.

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I have loads of stops all the way through March, 2010 but today I am just sharing the events through December, 2009.

Had to do a bit of bending to get this to fit right, I don't think the scooter crash bars are helping anything, they may have to be removed. I decided to try and fix the lean by readjusting the bracket and toe-in. Update: Put new shocks on the front and rear, I put a Sebac on the front and just a stock shock on the rear. Adjust the sidecar down so it is somewhat level (front to back).