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Guest Stars: Diahann Carroll as Roxy Blue, David Groh as Bert Fredericks, Michele Lee as Denise Fredericks, Jim Nabors as Robert Tanner (later claims to be 'Roscoe Toller'), and Reva Rose as Myra Grove.Other Guests: Olan Soule as Harvey Grove (credited as Olan Soulé), and Robert Hastings as Customer (credited as Bob Hastings).Pendleton, Chris Capen as College Guy, and Ted Chapman as Man with the Burning Magazine (credited as 'Man').

Guest Stars: Edward Andrews as Seniors Group Leader, Harry, Hermione Baddeley as Mrs. Pickrel II, Pamela Bellwood as Judy Watson, Charles Frank as Jim Wright, Seniors' Chaperone, Kristy Mc Nichol as Kelly Rixie, Richard Mulligan as Ron Larsen, Robert Reed as Barney Mason, and Loretta Swit as Terry Larsen.A man (Robert Reed) and woman (Loretta Swit) who are divorced from each other meet.Two teens (Kristy Mc Nichol, Scott Baio) fall in love.Other Guests: Queenie Smith as Helen Lindsay, Betty Kean as Mrs. A sportswriter (Bill Bixby) romances a sidelined tennis pro (Brenda Benet), and they may have been a couple prior. A practical joker (Milton Berle) plays one joke too many.

A paraplegic former tennis pro meets her critic, a sportswriter; A Mexican stowaway creates havoc; A practical joker learns a lesson.

Talky Robert Tanner's (Jim Nabors) popularity increases when fellow passengers think he may be a jewel thief.