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Vegetarian Cheeses - new page (try the Tuxford range...)(updated August 2004) ... Hare Krishna Food For Life - local and international food relief ... Please bestow your mercy upon me and tell about these subjects, as you are the only personality able to do so." Find out what was said HERE: selected locations are available already below) or if you can't do that and you'd like a Calendar for your longitude, latitude and time zone ANYWHERE in the world I can do that for you and e-mail it to you - FREE Vaishnava Calendar Program Vcal 4.01 FREE Download, and make your own Calendar: YOUR OWN CALENDAR FOR YOUR LOCATION, no more dodgy calendars/panchangas/panjikas from India ..already made for you Calendar maker for your region - on-line: Accurate and FREE Please download the software from: to use the VCAL calendar program: How2mailto:[email protected] Vaishnava Calendar maker for your region - on-line: Vaisnava Calendar Email Reminder Service Website URL: service just launched - a Free Vaisnava Calendar Email Reminder Service (BETA) where devotees can sign up and receive automated location sensitive reminders of ekadasi's, festivals, appearance and disappearance days via email. Just like you have got experience that the sun, if you have got millions of pots, the sun is reflected; you will find millions of suns, but although the sun is one, but we see that millions of suns are there in millions of pots. God is one, but He can expand Himself in millions and millions. To understand Himself through the agency of Radha, or the hladini-shakti, the Lord manifests Himself as Lord Chaitanya, who is Lord Krishna but with the super-excellent emotions of Radharani's love toward Lord Krishna.

Meat substitutes - Tofu - Soy - TVP - tempe recipes ... What are the faults in not following Ekadasi properly? Otherwise, there is no energy in which Krishna can attain pleasure outside Himself.

That is recommended in Srimad-Bhagavatam: This is the process of performing yajnas. O Radha, this sari has doubled the passionate love I bear for You in My heart. Radharani forever offers Krsna a kind of intoxication by Her sweet talks. She is also called Radhika in the Puranas because Her worship [aradhana] of the Lord consists of fulfilling His desires.

(RKG), Sri Krsna said to Sri Radha, All glories to Your wonderful ruby-red silk sari. 1) Radharani is very sweet and most charming to look at; 2) Radha is adolescent and always freshly youthful; 3) Radhikas eyes are doe-like and restless; 4) Sri Radhas face is smiling and every blissful 5) Auspicious, beautiful lines adorn Sri Radhas lotus hands and feet; 6) Radharani maddens Krsna with Her fragrant bodily aroma; 7) Srimati Radharani is the most exceptional singer and vina player; 8) Radhas words are charming and pleasing; 9) Radha is expert at telling jokes that delight Krnsa; 10) Srimati Radhika is exceptionally humble; 11) Radha is the embodiment of mercy and compassion; 12) Sri Radhas intelligence and wit surpasses all; 13) Radharani is expert at performing all activities of love: 14) Shyness is the shining gem in Radhas character 15) Srimati Radharani is the beacon light of modesty and never swerves from the path of honesty; 16) radha is never perturbed by worldly sorrow or misery; 17) Sri radha has unbounded gravity and sublimity; 18) Radhika is ever fascinated to unite Herself with Krsna; 19) Radha possesses Mahabhava, the highest sentiments of love; 20) Radharani is the reservoir of loving affairs in Gokula; 21) Radhas transcendental glories are shining in all the worlds; 22) Sri Radha is most affectionate to her superiors; 23) Radhika is submissive to the love of Her senior girlfriends; 24) Radharani is the chief among Krsnas gopi lovers; 25) Radha always keeps Sri Krsna under Her control. (CS) Srimati Radharani always keeps Her hand on the shoulders of Her friends and Radha always talks and thinks of the pastimes of Krsna. Some of the names that Radharani is known by include Govinda-anandini--She who gives pleasure to Govinda [Krishna]; Govinda-mohini--She who mystifies Govinda; Govinda-sarvasa--the all-in-all of Lord Govinda; Shiromani Sarva-kanta--the crown jewel of all the Lord's consorts; and Krishnamayi--the one who sees Krishna both within and without.

Ekadasi Information - fasting - breakfast times Local temples ... He concluded, "I am thinking so many things, but my life is ending." To receive little snippets of nectar like this on a daily basis subscribe HERE: or If you want to introduce anyone else in reading Srila Prabhupada Nectars, please send their e Mail addresses to mailto:[email protected]: ...yajno danam tapas caiva pavanani manisinam. The brahmacari, grhastha, vanaprastha and sannyasa. Varnasramacaravata purusena parah puman, visnur aradhyate [Cc. The whole scheme...(aside:) I thinking I am feeling very hot. In another place it is said, yajnarthat karmanah anyatra karma-bandhanah [Bg. (Prabhupada's clothing is being taken off; it sounds like his sweater.) That's all right. The Hare Krishna mantra also directs one's attention and devotion to Radha as well as Krishna. Her glance is so enchanting that it is like a dancing bumblebee, moving unsteadily due to intoxication.

Newsletters & Blogs Words of Wisdom - Shastra & Shastrakaras speak: ... Radha is also known as Mother Hara, which is the name Hare in the vocative form within the mantra. That bee has bitten the whorl of My heart." (Vidagdha-madhava 2.51)There is much more to be known about Srimati Radharani, but this should suffice for now.

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Download the Vaishnava Calendar software VCAL 4.01 ... Even if it remains vacant, it doesn't matter, but keep it pure." When Prabhupada was shown the rooms and offices of the different managers, he remarked, "You are all thinking of management. Canakya Pandita says, 'In a society where rascals are not worshipped, where food grains are stocked, and where there is no quarrel between husband and wife-automatically in that society, there is good fortune.'" Srila Prabhupada had us all spellbound with his merciful instructions. Yajna means to satisfy the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Therefore we are like sparks that are dying out because we have left our place which is in the blazing fire of Lord Krishna's association. But, O My friend, the face of My most dear Srimati Radharani is always bright and beautiful, both day and night. " (Vidagdha-madhava 5.20)"When Srimati Radharani smiles, waves of joy overtake Her cheeks, and Her arched eyebrows dance like the bow of Cupid.

Vrscika Sankranti (Sun enters Scorpio) This year's also now available for viewing: Calender information HERE Whos (also find out from Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Thakur Prabhupada what is, and what constitutes a mahadwadasi) Find out about Dwadasi and Mahadwadasi here: EKADASI RECIPES: ekadasi jata tasyah ko va vidhir dvija kada va kriyate kim va phalam kim va vadasva me ka va pujyatama tatra devata sad-gunarnava akurvatah syat ko dosa etan me vaktum arhasi "Oh Gurudeva! You take any big paper and make it into pieces and then throw it -- the original paper is lost. Because of this, in the Vaishnava tradition we always pay respects first to the Lord's internal energy in the form of Radha, and then to the Lord.

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