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05-Sep-2019 01:12

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I’ve decided to focus most of my effort on coaching female players, like those creepy Russian guys who coach Olympic gymnastics, because with 1 or 2 exceptions, the female online-daters I have encountered are absofuckinglutely terrible at the game. BUT, here’s some thoughts from my side of things in the hope of improving your play as best I can.

I’ve taken note of where you ladies seem to be going wrong, and I’ve come up with several takeaways that you can apply the next time you sign on.

Because she lived in a small town, she ventured online to find a good match. “I thought for a long time that the only people I could relate to were other widowers,” Price said.

“That narrowed the pool too much.” Broadening her search beyond widowers paid off.

Sort of a high-stakes boardgame, like I don’t know…

“deathmatch checkers,” but without the knife fights, and death and so forth.

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A widow at 65, she eventually turned her attention to dating.Gesture expansively rather than keeping your arms crossed.Smile freely and naturally so that you don’t convey apprehension.Lean toward a speaker to signal your intent to hear every word.

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“Keep eye contact and if someone isn’t looking back at you, don’t prejudge,” Price said. As your friend fills in what you left out, uncover more potentially rich content by asking questions such as: • What stories of mine are most interesting? “Don’t say what you think others want to hear,” she advised.