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26-Jul-2019 15:47

Trina also speaks on the different standard that men and women are held at in rap.She confirms that there is a double standard and trolls tend to dig up old dirt on women in music and use it against them, whereas men can rap about killing people and they receive no backlash.The two were spotted snuggling before Trina’s LA Pride day performance. It seems that being bisexual is par for the course, if you are not bisexual, then there is something wrong with you.I, personally can’t see all that swapping vagina for d$ck when I’m sure they aren’t using condoms.Erica and Bow Wow had a very messy break up which they aired on social media.

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She has no beef with anyone and believes everyone should be able to shine, no matter what their past entails.

However, after Khloe slammed 21-year-old Jordyn for allegedly cheating with Tristan, celebrity blogger Perez Hilton suggested she may be taking a hypocritical stance.

French, however, shut down the rumour, claiming he "was single like a dollar bill," in an obvious attempt to distance himself from the drama.

Trina doesn’t realize what she has walked into with Erica Mena.

She craves attention, she loves nice things and she loves d$ck, so I’m just wondering how long this relationship will last.Meanwhile, Khloe, who shares eleven-month-old daughter True with NBA player Thompson, recently retracted her initial anger aimed at Jordyn Woods after her appearance on ' Red Table Talk'.