Pure dating

12-May-2019 00:00

But purity doesn’t always need to have the most of our focus and energy. Get a New Perspective on Love If you are a physical touch person, and have the motto: “The more they touch, the more they love me,” then you need to get a new perspective on love.If Jesus is truly front and center in the relationship, and both parties live each day to worship Him, the purity issue will often become an non-issue. The lie of the world is that you have to be physically intimate to express your love to your partner.The truth is that you really show your boyfriend/girlfriend more love and affection by not crossing physical boundaries.This perspective shift was a game changer for my wife and me in our dating relationship.However, in the second half of our dating years, we did what was said to be the impossible – we went backwards.We found a way to keep our hands off each other and honor God and each other with our bodies.

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