Psp games with dating sim elements

27-Jul-2019 07:05

There is a name people caught up in the otome game craze should know: Otomate.

This is the branch of Idea Factory that devotes itself to making games for women.

She can find love with a legendary thief, mad doctor, vampire, vampire hunter or zombie.

Though, due to this compilation including the main game (), you can also romance a legendary detective and find out what is going on with the heroine’s brother.

Granted, this means going with a free-to-play approach where you have to buy each route and pay quite a bit of money, but it means access to a number of titles you would not otherwise see outside of Japan.

NTT Solmare has picked up four of these games so far.

One is the The latter is out now and follows an amnesiac trapped in a mansion, running from monsters with the help of some bachelors. It follows a young woman with an odd eye living on the outskirts of town disguised as a boy.

She is looking for love and the truth behind magical stones.

There are also a few recently released Otomate games to keep in mind.If you're willing to play PS1 games (which you can, given that you're playing on a PS2), in that style of games there's Star Ocean: the Second Story and Thousand Arms; and if you can read Japanese, Blue Breaker: Egao no Yakusoku, the Favorite Dear series, Mitsumete Knight R: Daibouken Hen, and Twinbee RPG as well.

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