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18-Apr-2019 14:05

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By basing your repayment on your current earnings, you will start off making lower monthly payments, which will increase gradually over a period of time.

An income-driven payment plan ensures that you continue making your payments every month while still having enough to spend on life’s other necessities.

You can choose an income-based plan and pay off the loan faster: Some consolidation plans may offer you the option to choose flexible repayment terms.

This can be especially beneficial if you are a new graduate earning an entry-level income, but expect to rise up the ladder quickly and start earning a higher salary in the near future.

This of course depends on the type of loan consolidation that you opt for.

Having a detailed discussion with your private student loan lender is crucial in order to understand the exact terms and conditions of your student loan consolidation.Doing this can simplify your loan repayment, which means you no longer have to worry about the original individual loans, nor do you have to keep track of the monthly repayment dates, interest rates, or any other details. Consolidating your student loan does mean that you now have to deal with only new terms and conditions, a new interest rate, and a new payment policy.While this means you have fewer details to remember, sometimes, the new rates and terms and conditions may not be as beneficial as the original rates and terms.If thoughts and questions about your college loan repayments stress you out constantly, you are not alone.

Staying on track with loan repayments can be a challenge, especially when you consider that many people end up spending more on their student loan repayment than they do on everyday commodities such as groceries, rent and amenities.Before you consider taking your individual federal student loans and consolidating them into one loan, it is advisable to take some time and learn about why you should or should not consolidate your student loan.