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I love exhibitionsm and have started recently to cam and do some semi-professional modeling. I haven't sold any of my stuff yet but would be open to it. I'm doing this on my own and am doing it discreetly. I don't really think of it or refer to it as that for myself anymore, it's just part of who I am and an expression of who I am all the time. I've been very close with and worked with many individuals in the LGBTQ community and have had to see firsthand what others have been through that has not been pleasant, and I dislike labels more and more as time goes on. I know identifying with a group can also be a good experience, and let's just say I'm supportive of all those within the LGBTQ community. Cheap stuff like pantyhose would be easy to replace, but if you want MY panties (you didn't get them specifically for me to wear and to send out), well, a girl would have to be very tempted to give up her own stuff... Please also make sure that your Private Browsing (for Firefox), Incognito (for Chrome), In Private (for IE) is disabled. Edge Press CTRL SHIFT DELETE - Check in "Cookies and saved website data" and "Cached data and files". If you wish to delete the cookies and cache manually, please read the instructions below. Firefox Press CTRL SHIFT DELETE - Check in "Cookies" and "Cache". For your convenience we’ve created an application that can assist you cleaning the browser with a single click and giving it a fresh start.

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The one bright spot here is that there is more and more competition which leads to better offers for us consumers.

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I'm looking for guys NEAR ME ONLY at this point for discreet fun, who are also into doing modeling with me or supporting me having fun in my exhibition thrill seeking. I'm into bareback and you shouldn't be afraid to be online with me and on cam. But to answer the question more directly, it was around eleven or twelve. Though I feel I have firmly moved away from CDing and identify much more personally as TG.

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I'm looking for a guy between the ages of 18 and 45 only. I'm looking for total tops only as I'm total bottom, though with me calling the shots in how I present myself. Beyond that, I'm in the process of adding information to my about me section in order to answer some common questions I'm sure people would have for me.

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