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07-Apr-2019 03:50

But the ratings of the critics of the series was not very high because of the controversial moments in the story.In the series “Marco Polo” the viewer is given a unique opportunity to travel with a great Italian researcher.

This time the great Venetian merchant and seafarer Marco Polo, together with his father, goes to Mongolia in the 13th century.We at feel pride in our work and we don't consider it a shame for adults to watch other adults have a good time while having sex, that's why we've developed an inhouse APP for all likeminded people out there who browse our content daily!

Unexpectedly the conversation turned to him suggesting I write a letter to Biblical Archaeology Review criticizing the Zurich datings, naming the things which according to Eisenman had been done wrong in the way those datings had been carried out, in order to discredit them. I saw no reason to criticize the Zurich lab or the initial scientific report in the ways Eisenman wanted, nor did I say I would do this.… continue reading »

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