Play online on ps3 without updating

11-May-2019 11:20

But if you want to play online with friends or communities in multiplayer-mode, you will need to download patches and update games.There is no legit way to play games online without updating them.

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This is a method for those of you who want either an exploitable or any game for your PS Vita, but have issues with proxies, don’t have a PS3, and/or don’t want to update.

Your PS3 and computer must be online at the same time to do this. it keeps on giving you a new code instead, exit the You Tube app. Another workaround is to try using a different browser on your computer. PS3 You Tube App freezes - the app functions fine up until you try to play a video, and it freezes after a few seconds while some videos will not play at all. From the PS3 menu, delete You Tube profile data and reconnect to account using the app.